Breathe: A Tribute To Lena Kathryn Smith

Lena Kathryn Smith was a light that shone bright in the lives of so many people. For me, she was my mama and my family. This is a tribute to her.

Alix Maria: Homeless Artist & Activist

Homeless artist and activist, Alix, voices her demands for justice on her home, salvation, and artistic venue – her white van.

Kanju: Re-imagining Challenges as Opportunities

Kanju, an Oakland-based organization created for and by black girls, is organizing a BLACK GIRLS MARCH on SATURDAY, MARCH 30TH at 11 a.m. in Oscar Grant Plaza on 14th & Broadway “to bring awareness to the issues so many of us face and to demonstrate that we are not alone and won’t be disappeared.” Kanju is dedicated to promoting a safe space for black girls to laugh, play, congregate and bond; to relate, learn and empower one

Tonya: Sharing Her Story To Help Others Heal

Compelled to share her personal story about witnessing a murder at 4 years old, Tonya McKenzie, self published her memoir, “A Child’s Memories of Cartoons & Murder.”

Anh: A Meditation on Family Traditions

Anh Le merges family bonding time with community sharing every year by making over 100 Bánh tét with her mother, sisters, and invited contributors (friends & family alike) for family and friends to welcome in the new year. 

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