Heroic and intentional living is choosing to be committed to doing good every breath of every day one day at a time. Sometimes we mess up and sometimes it isn’t easy, but the intention and the movement is always forward. Jora Trang

If you wish to move mountains tomorrow…you must start by lifting stones today.

~African Proverb~

Jora Trang's blog article about Tupac Shakur
“It’s too bad your favorite artist is a glorified gansta,” said a prima dona two bit director of a small time play I was once casted in. (Okay so maybe I’m still a bit sore about this). This is after asking everyone in the cast to go around and share which musical artist inspired you the most. Notwithstanding the fact that this “director” had thoroughly failed in his attempt to create “trust” by taking us
Jora Trang and daughter
This is an article written by Nell Bernstein after interviewing me. She writes as if she were using my voice. This is a story about LOVE and HOPE and raising a strong child with truth, dignity and integrity. It is a culturally based story specifically centered on being Vietnamese and the silence that often defines our community. This point has been completely lost in this article and over time by the hijacking of my life